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Cello ++

This research project proposes the study and performance of the repertoire written for cello and electronics. Through an artistic research, all the pieces will pass through the sieve of the performance so that the issues that prevent a greater diffusion of the mixed music repertoire in general are identified. This implies both the development of an analytical methodology that contemplates the performer's relationship with electronics, as well as the modification of existing patches and fixed media, optimizing them for the performance. In this way, it is expected to contribute to mixed electroacoustic music, which is usually interpreted from the point of view of composition and analysis, adding the agency of performance to its musicological discourse. Based on the relationship between musical performance and technology, the aim is also to democratize access to repertoire and recent technology, especially in educational contexts aimed at musical training.

Jorge Antunes – Insubstituível 2a for (cello and fixed media, 1967)
Jonathan Harvey – Advaya (cello and live-electronics, 1994)
Jocy de Oliveira – For Cello (cello and fixed media, 1996)
Bryan Holmes – Punctum (cello and wah-wah pedal, 2007)
Felipe de Almeida Ribeiro - …das ilusões que nunca nos enganam ao nos mentirem sempre (cello and live-electronics, 2010)
Hans Tutschku – pressure-divided (cello and live-electronics, 2015)
Danilo Rossetti – Desdobramentos do contínuo (cello and live-electronics, 2016)* Rodolfo Valente – Refúgio (cello and fixed media, 2016)
Tatiana Catanzaro – Intarsia (cello and live-electronics, 2015/2020) [cello transcription by William]
Daniel Quaranta – Sudestada (cello and fixed media, 2021)*

* dedicated to William
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